Agile Database – Part 3: Features for a release system

Possible features for an Agile Database Release System:

  • Allows construction of a database at a particular version
  • Allows migration from an existing database to a later version
  • Allows migration from an existing database to an earlier version
  • Human readable format for releases
  • Release ‘action’ available on multiple environments (ie various operating systems) allowing development on a different platform than production
  • Provides a complete history of changes for each database object
  • Provides a current creation script for each database object
  • The source code can be branched and merged
  • Allows multiple developers to work with/on the same database source code, at the same time
  • Supports an ‘automated build’ / ‘continuous integration’ enviroment
  • Automatically records database changes by the developer in their development area
  • Supports use of parameters to configure variable parts of the release (eg the password part of “CREATE USER warren IDENTIFIED BY xyzzy”)
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