The Rain

Today a music video, literally inspired by events from my own life, was released. The band is Lyria: Aline Happ (vocals), Rod Wolf (guitar), Thiago Zig (bass), Thiago Mateu (drums). The album is Immersion, the song is track #4, “The Rain”. It is all due to the band members and their musical talents the song is now a music video. To celebrate this occasion here is “The Rain” by Lyria, and below there are a couple of book extracts and photo which I sent Aline Happ years ago to help in creating the song.

Quotes below taken from the book Human: Finding myself in the autism spectrum.

One of my favourite memories occurred in this early period of my life. I remember walking out into the rain wearing a raincoat. The details that I recall are all sensory:

  • What I could see was limited because of the dense rain pouring around me creating a misty effect.
  • What I could hear was limited because of the constant crash of the rain.
  • What I could feel was the pressure of the rain on my rain clothes, and it felt wonderful.

I remember the glorious isolation. I was in my own world. Inside my raincoat I was protected from the wet and I was having an awesome sensory experience. This is how I recall it – I evoke sensual aspects from the memory, usually starting with the pressure on the raincoat, and then the memory comes.


Looking through my parent’s photograph collection I found a photo of myself in the raincoat from my memory. It probably makes me about three years old when the event I remember happened. Thinking back on this now, I love how I was free to interact with the experience in a way that doesn’t seem possible as an adult. As an adult you are expected to be socially controlled rather than interested in childlike fascinations. My sensory interaction with the world is therefore more hidden and subtle now, a finger sliding along a textured wall, enjoying the caress of a strong wind, rubbing a thumb against the edge of a table. While my senses can and do cause problems, they are also the source of comfort, fascination and joy.

This poem is called boy in the rain.

Surrounded by the loud mist,
Of water crashing into earth,
And a coat of comforting weight.
Freedom in isolation,
Here stands the boy in the rain.

He found a photo of the boy in a raincoat,
And remembered,
The fascination of senses.
And wondered,
Why not now? Why so controlled?
When the world becomes too painful,
Surviving means hiding.

More and more he connected,
With the memory,
The between time,
A series of hurts inflicted,
By him. To him.
Hopes and dreams became self-torture.

She walked into the rain,
And loved.
She suffered because of his ignorance,
But believed.
He discovered love, he regained hope,
Together they dreamed,
She saved his life.

For those looking for another Lyria song to enjoy, have a look at a favourite of mine “Let Me Be Me”.

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