The Four Horseman of the Data Apocalypse

The data was not longer required.

First came the horseman named Delete, he said in a thunderous voice, “You data will soon be gone.”

The user replied, “But what if I want to see it again.”

Next came the horseman named Trash, she said, “You data will be gone soon, but if you sign up for this simple insurance policy, it can be brought back – if you invoke the policy quickly.”

The user replied, “But I may want it at any time in the future.”

Next came the horseman named Archive, he said philosophically, “You data will not be available, except when it is.”

The user replied, “But I want it to be available at any time.”

Next came the horseman named Retire, and she said, “You’ve put effort into your data, you don’t want it disappearing. It may not be as active as it once was, but with good planning you may keep it working for you always.”

The user smiled and was happy, “Yes, I want them all.”

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