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Life as a shooting star

“What can I do to make you care?”

“It might as well be Africa.”

“Really? It’s just absolutely stunning. How about thinking about us for a moment.”

She attempted to look his way, but continued drifting along without replying.

“So that’s it then. Happy to go like this are you?”

“Of course not. But since we’ve no choice…”

Again the silent beauty of the desert filled her thoughts, and again it was interrupted, “It was nice working with you Matilda.”

“Goodbye Eric. How about you shut up, conserve your air supply, and enjoy the show.”

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He lay beaten, his body battered, close to death. Painfully he managed to raise his head and look directly at the author. How am I to rescue the princess in this state? Do better you poor excuse for creative talent, give me health, and definitely a harem. Your writing is just a comedy to be laughed at.

Unfortunately his injuries were severe and he died.

The princess ran to the man from the tower steps. Cautiously she knelt at his side. With a tentative touch she discovered his death and let out a relieved sigh; her stalker lay defeated.

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